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Selective Screen OFF


Save Money, Power & Extend your Laptop's battery life!

Laptop's Screen consumes at least 60% of the total power consumption when you run on battery.

Even if you set the system to turn Off the screen after 1 minute of inactivity, the sum of seconds that the screen remains on, is Wasted Autonomy and Battery Power.

Not any more!

With Selective Screen Off you can turn Off your Laptop screen INSTANTLY and save battery life.

And for Desktop Computers save Power & Money.

If in an hour you stop using your Computer 15 times, your screen remains On for at least 15 minutes consuming power. Why not save these 15 minutes for Battery Life and Bigger Autonomy on the road?

You can't put your Computer to sleep every time you stop to think...

But you can just press the relevant Button in "Easy Access" and "Actions" or press Control + Esc and the screen turns Off after 2 Seconds.

Simply. Innovatively.

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